new year Haflla at Eastern Dance Studio - 2019

Thank you all for a nice "hafla"!!!

check udban dictionary udban dictionary on what this word means. Here are videos of dances for you to download, share of Facebook, etc... Please do not forget to tag Eastern Dance Studio!

In a glance ...

download this video performance_3-min_new_year_party_20190119.mp4

Up All Night

download this video performance_new_year_party_up_all_night_20190119.mp4

Rainbow Tango

download this video performance_new_year_party_rainbow_tango_20190119.mp4

Saidi by Radwa

download this video performance_new_year_party_radwa_saidi_20190119.mp4


download this video performance_new_year_party_pelageyushka_20190119.mp4

Only God Knows

download this video performance_new_year_party_only_god_knows_20190119.mp4


download this video performance_new_year_party_eskandarany_20190119.mp4

Drum Solo

download this video performance_new_year_party_drum_solo_20190119.mp4

Desetr of Roses

download this video performance_new_year_party_desert_or_roses_20190119.mp4

Solo dance by Amiina

download this video performance_new_year_party_amiina_solo_20190119.mp4