Belly Dancing Choreographies

Dancing with cymbals

cibelepamela 350x450Our Intermediate and Advanced Levels Students learn how to play cymbals and dance with them. As we become skillful we dance  choreographies as Festive Drums with cymbals.
Cymbals connect us to the Goddess Cybele, an Anatolian Mother Goddess,also known as Great Mother in the Ancient Greece and Rom. In temple dances priestesses were playing this musical instruments to invoke the Goddess by the sound of cymbals.

More about cymbals in belly dancing from wikipedia:

Below are the cymbal patterns that we learn at Intermediate and Advance level of Belly Dancing.


Legend for choreography descriptions

List of all special symbols and abbreviations that describe belly dancing choreographies.


Music for choreographies

Here you can get the music for many the choreographies that we are learning.