Belly Dancing is our passion, and we are exited to share the pleasure of dancing with everyone! So we are working on making it affordable for as many women as possible. Here are some of the ways you can save money and enjoy our classes:

New students

If you have never being to our classes - try first class for FREE!! Try any group you want and find the best match for yourself.

Attending 2 or more classes per week

 Get 20% off the price for the second or third (less value) session 
 and an option to take missed class(es) during the first 2 weeks of the next session
(except Choreography Class)

Mothers & Daughters up to 16 y.o.

Bring your daughter to the class and get 50% off! Enjoy your Mom&Daughter time together learning this beautiful feminine Dance!
(except Teen Class)

Payment plan

We also offer a payment plan to our students. The payment can be made in two portions by post dated cheques at the 1st day of each month.

If you are considering any of those options please contact Galina