Class Description for Intermediate Belly Dancing

intermediate belly dancing class logoThese classes are for those dancers who would like to explore belly dancing on a deeper level. This includes not only technical but also emotional and expressive part of dancing. The students continue to polish the basic belly dancing technique gradually adding more and more sophisticated movements, steps and combination, as well as making their first steps in improvisation and self-expression through dancing. They gain skills and confidence in solo performance dancing is a circle of their sister-dancers, and performing at studio's annual year-end concert. Solid knowledge of the basic technique is required for this level.

you will learn in this class:

  • intermediate movements , variations, and combinations
  • intermediate traveling steps
  • diagonal combinations
  • dance geometry
  • improvisational dance: 4 elements dance, 5 rhythms
  • solo dance in a circle
  • intermediate shimmies
  • intermediate veil dance movements
  • basic layering of the movements
  • pelvic floor muscles engagement
  • meditative dance
  • basic Arabic rhythms
  • multi-part dance routine