Belly Dancing form Moms with Babies

Note: at this moment this class is suspended because there is not enough participants. If you are interested in this class, please contact us.

Class Description for Moms and Babies Belly Dancing

moms class logo v01 50x50This class is specially created for new Mothers and their babies. The moderate pace of the instructions, soothing music, nursing-friendly atmosphere, and sense of community make moms and babies comfortable and calm.

The movements of Belly dancing are ideal for young mothers. This dance not only helps them to return to their bodies and loose the weight gained during pregnancy and the first months of breast feeding, but also strengthens the abdominal muscles , tones the skin, reduces the intensity of hormonal jumps, and regulate the work of the reproductive and digestive organs. And don't forget about those horrible "muffin tops" – the belly dancing movements will take them out of your life pretty fast!

There is one more advantage in comparison with the gym or other types of fitness. Belly Dancing is very sensual and graceful art. After months of feeling clumsy and awkward women reconnect with their sexuality, relearning how to appreciate and feel their bodies.

Recommended age of babies for this group is from 1 month to the moment when the baby becomes too mobile for Mom to focus the class. But all babies are different. Come and try! First class is free!