Performance Team

Members of our performance team are those students who enjoy being on scene. Most of them started as beginners and worked out their way up to the best of the best in our studio. We are very proud of them as it is our joint success!


belly dancing performance team member SvitlanaSvitlana first thought of taking up belly dancing when she was a teenager, inspired by the Brazilian actress Giovanna Antonelli. Svitlana laughingly recalls that she watched the telenovela “O Clone” for hours on end hoping to see another 30-second-long fragment of the belly dance choreography performed by the actress. Giovanna Antonelli’s dancing style made her the epitome of femininity, grace and beauty for Svitlana.



tammyAfter giving birth to twins, Tammy was searching for a fun exercise program to help tone her stomach muscles. She became intrigued by Belly Dance. The belly dance classes gave her an opportunity to spend quality time with other women who also admired this beautiful dance. Most of all, she found they encouraged and inspired each other.



MariaMaria is originally from Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia), and the oriental dance is very popular over there. She first tried belly dancing in 2004, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan when her girlfriends signed her up for the class. Shimmy was the most fun part of the class!! The "awe-moment" was to see her instructor doing belly-rolls.