Healing Potential of Belly Dancing

Modern society drives us to achieve more and more: more money, more stuff, more attention. We tend to forget that the true pleasure and happiness lie in the genuine connection to ourselves, to our own bodies, our own souls. Distracted by the outside stimulus we rarely hear the soft and quiet voice of our hearts.
In Belly Dancing we have the same tendency.


Description for Dance Your Self Class

In this class we focus on the healing aspect of Belly Dancing. Performing basic belly dancing movement the students will be encouraged to pay genuine attention to what is going on inside of the body, and how the movements actually influence the body and the soul.  Specially designed exercises will lead the participants to better understanding of the process of healing, connection to their feminine essence and revealing their natural beauty.This class is recommended for everyone who wants to go deeper than a fitness aspect of the dance:

  • Beginners will get a perfect entering to the world of ancient art of belly dancing
  • Experienced dancers will discover the power of sacred connection to their bodied
  • Dance&movement practitioners will gain deeper understanding of the belly movements
  • Expectant mothers will reach genuine contact with their rapidly changing bodies and the babies inside, as well as prepare to the labor
  • Young ladies will explore the realm of sacred femininity where the female body is respected, loved and blessed, will make themselves comfortable in this world
  • Golden aged ladies will learn how to connect, understand and enjoy their bodies through dance - the most natural way of physical activity

you will learn at this class:

  • basic belly dancing movements
  • 7 symbols of belly dancing
  • 3 planes of movements
  • breathing techniques
  • relaxation techniques
  • meditation techniques
  • combination of belly dancing with chakra dance
  • pelvic floor muscles engagement in belly dancing

    This is currently offered in Russian. Please contact us if you are intersted to join this class in English.