Our Vision

Here we would like to share our vision on what we do in our classes, why we do it so and how important it is to do it our way.
We also put here article on what inspires us and what we would like to do next.


Transformational FireWe believe that this dance is alchemical by its nature. With a certain intention and understanding of a dancer it has a potential to transform one's life significantly.

We approach belly dancing not only as an artistic way of self-expression but also as a sacred form of dance which began as a childbirth ritual and played a vital role in ancient times. We see this dance as a source of courage, inspiration, and motivation to discover oneself on a deeper level.


Metaphor: Miraculous Chest

by Galina Busova

Every woman who dared to explore the beautiful
 and mysterious world of Belly Dance will find
her own fruits of this dance.

Once upon a time a woman walked down a road and found a small chest. It was beautifully decorated with carving and inlay, and the woman was thinking about taking the chest home. However, it was locked, and there was no trace of a key around, so the woman left the casket as it is and went on.


What is unique about our classes

What makes us unique, how we are meeting your needs, why our classes comfortable and enjoyable.