Old New Year celebration in Deerfoot Casino - 13 Jan 2019

Here are videos from Old New Year show Galina and Olga Sem from Masks International Show Ltd. had put together

We wold like to thank all performance participated. This event would not be possible without your support! It would not be so spectacular without your passion!

Feel free to download and share these as you like. We would really appreciate if you mention us in you social media posts. Our Facebook page Eastern Dance Studio!

Part 1

download this video old_new_year_2019_-_part1.mp4

Part 2

download this video old_new_year_2019_-_part2.mp4

Part 2.1 - Rainbow Tango by Eastern Dance Studio

download this video old_new_year_2019_-_part2-1_rainbow_tango.mp4

Part 3

download this video old_new_year_2019_-_part3.mp4

Part 2 - Ukrainian Dance by Ukrainian Dace Society "Yalenka"

download this video old_new_year_2019_-_part2_-_ukrainian_dance.mp4

Part 2 - dance with open fire by Body Art Motion

download this video old_new_year_2019_-_part2_-_open_fire.mp4