Class Description for Beginners in Belly Dancing

beginners class logo v02 50x50This class will set your foundation for the dance. Step by step you will learn all the basic movements, variations, combinations, anatomy, timing and vocabulary of Belly Dancing.

The focus is on developing alignment, strength & stamina needed for this art. Drills, isolations, basic choreography, and a veil dance are also explored. The program of the class includes breathing exercises and yoga technique helping the students to reach better understanding of the movements and body awareness. Usually, it takes 3 sessions to cover the program of the Beginner Level. It includes level Beginner and  Beginner+ classes

beginner classIn Beginner Class you will learn:

  • health benefits of belly dancing
  • feeling good about your body
  • connnect to your pelvic floor muscles
  • basic stance and safety rules
  • 7 symbols of belly dancing
  • 3 planes of movements
  • basic movements , variations, and combinations
  • basic traveling steps
  • basic shimmies
  • relaxation and breathing techniques
  • basic choreography


In Beginner + Class you will:

  • continue to master all the basic movements
  • expand the variety of options for each basic movement
  • discover a dance with veil
  • explore an improvisational and sensual dance
  • learn a veil choreography
  • gain an understanding of 4 elements in dance

What to bring to class:

Wear comfortable clothing that you would normally wear to a yoga class or to a gym. Later you might be interested in wearing something more bellydance-like but for the beginning athletic clothing is enough.

Bring your coin belt or a hip scarf. A shawl or scarf with tassels would work perfectly. Having something heaving and jiggling on your hips helps to feel the movements better. If you don't have anything like that at home don't worry I will have some belts, scarves, and tops for sale.

Bring a yoga mat for your comfort. You will need it for the relaxation we are doing at the end of the class as well as for the drills on the floor in the beginning.

Have a bottle of water with you. All the belly movements we are doing during the class stimulate the digestive system and the work of kidneys and liver. To help the detoxing process we need to give our bodies lots of water.

Bring you smile, curiosity and openness. The intention to open your mind towards all the new information, new movements and different self-image that you are gettting from this class creates a positing setting for your experience and drastically improves your progression.