Eastern Dance Studio is a regular participant of various caltural festivals, shows, wedding receptions, and parties around the province. Here are pictures and videos from some of our recent events:

2015 in a glance

2015 was a very productive year for Eastern Dance Studio.

We were performing at many events throughout the year: Chinese new Year, Lilac Festival, Heritage Day Fest... and much more.
Lets look back at this wonderful time!


Videos from New Year Party 2016

This year our New Year Party rocked! All the dancers were amazing! Thank you again to all our guests and volunteers! 

Here is the videos from the event:


Eastern Dance Studio's New Year party!

Eastern Dance Studio's  annual New-Year Party poster small

Dear Dancers, Parents and Friends,

you are invited to Eastern Dance Studio's annual New-Year Party!

It has become a good tradition of our Studio to celebrate the beginning of the New Year together. Join us for some festive fun!


Heritage Day Festival 2015

belly dancing performance heritage day festival 2015

Every August our Studio performs at Heritage Day Festival at Olympic Plaza. We usually dance 3 dances. The debut on this year is our favorite Indian Dance - the blend of Indian and Arabic movements.


Performance at Lilac Festival 2015

Eastern Dance Studio rocked the crowd at the legendary and vibrant Lilac Festival on the last Sunday of May 2015. The sun, clouds and wind danced with us to the sound of our captivating and moving music!

Here are videos and pictures of us dancing!!!!


Rhythms of the East

Eastern Dance Studio is proud to present the Belly Dancing Student Recital "Rhythms of the East"

Saturday, June 13, 2015 @ 6 pm
Ukrainian Cultural Centre 3316 28 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0R8