Videos from New Year Party 2016

This year our New Year Party rocked! All the dancers were amazing! Thank you again to all our guests and volunteers! 

Here is the videos from the event:

Aquarius by performance team

You can download   performance_new_year_party_aquarius.20160117.mp4

Desert of Roses by intermediate group

You can download   performance_new_year_party_desert_of_roses.20160117.mp4

Flamenco Flavoured by beginners group

You can download   performance_new_year_party_flamenco_flavoured.20160117.mp4

Only God Knows by teens group

You can download   performance_new_year_party_only_god_knows.20160117.mp4

Sultan Dance by Diana and Hailey

You can download   performance_new_year_party_sultan_dance.20160117.mp4

Ojos Asi by Tammy

You can download   performance_new_year_party_tammy.20160117.mp4

Valley of Flowers by Victoria

You can download   performance_new_year_party_victoria.20160117.mp4

Ya-gazaly by teens group

You can download   performance_new_year_party_ya-gazaly.20160117.mp4