tammyAfter giving birth to twins, Tammy was searching for a fun exercise program to help tone her stomach muscles. She became intrigued by Belly Dance. The belly dance classes gave her an opportunity to spend quality time with other women who also admired this beautiful dance. Most of all, she found they encouraged and inspired each other.

The first belly dancing class Tammy took in July 2007 at Toronto, Ontario. That time it was a bit intimidating but with practice, the movements became her second nature. Eventually she was able to layer different movements and put sequences together.

Tammy started to perform in September 2008. The first time was scary. She was afraid to forget the steps and quickly realized how important it was to practice as a group; to be aware of the movements of the team and be able to react accordingly.

Tammy joined Eastern Dance Studio in 2013 when she moved to Calgary from Toronto. She brought to the performance team her enthusiasm, dedication, and a significant stage experience. As of November 2014, Tammy has performed 38 times using for her dances veils, fan-veils, cymbals, and swords.

Tammy has created 9 choreographies (10th in progress) and learnt 17 ones.

In belly dancing Tammy most loves the creative progress; learning moves, layering them, combining them, running the sequences, dancing a choreo from beginning to end, then practicing with the other dancers to perfect the movements of the team. Then, to finally perform the dance in front of an audience and to feel the sense of accomplish at the end is very satisfying.