Annual Student Recital "One Thousand and One Nights" - 2016

Update: Programme is posted!

Eastern Dance Studio is excited to invite you to our annual Student Recital "One Thousand and One Nights"!!!  This year we are taking you to the Sultan's Palace where the gorgeous Scheherazade tells thousands and one stories to the Sultan. And, of course, all of them are spoken in the language of dance.

Featuring the Students of the Studio and Special guests:

  • Eight Wonder Dance Company
  • The Bedouin Company
  • Daughters of the Nile
  • Nazirah Bellydance
  • Jumping Camel Belly Dance
  • Vizard Show
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Act One

Sultan Entrance

Please welcome the most charismatic King of all times! Artem started dancing when he was 14. Hip-hop and salsa are his passions but he also plays classical guitar and loves poetry.

Sultan Dance

Eastern Dance Studio was founded by Galina Busova in 2007. The inspiring and friendly atmosphere encourages the students to express their creativity, reveal various talents and contribute to personal growth. The Intermediate Group entertains the Sultan with a dynamic and vivid dance. Dancers: Natalia, Yulia, Ruby, Natasha, Lana. Music: Saoud Abu Sultan. Choreography: Galina Busova


Enjoy this tambourine version of the popular Arabian song “Ya-gazaly” is presented by the Teen Troupe of Eastern Dance Studio. Dancers: Hailey, Diana, Blair, Vivian. Choreography by Galina.

Flamenco Flavoured

Put your hand together for these beautiful and courageous ladies. Some of them are debuting tonight! This Beginner level choreography was Galina’s first original choreography. Gorgeous music of Rod Gudwin’s orchestra of his famous Windows to the East creates the atmosphere of celebration and glamour.

1001 Nights

Aphrodit, a Middle Eastern belly dancer and Zumba Instructor, grew up listening and dancing to Arabic music as it is part of her culture. Brought up in the Middle East, she learned belly dance at an early age and developed her skills during festive occasions such as weddings, family and community celebrations, social gathering or even informal gatherings with friends.

Fire Dance Debute!!!

This spectacular dance was created by Galina especially for Vizard Show. The costumes and masks are created by Olga Sem. Dancers: Performance and Teen group of EDS. Our beautiful Scheherazade is played by Zulie Alnahas, an accomplished singer and songwriter. She has an extensive background in the film industry having worked on and directed a number of TV series in Canada for the last 10 years.

Desert of Roses

This choreography was created by Galina back in 2008 for Intermediate Level Students. This sensual and languishing dance is full of fluid movements reflecting the flow of the music. The song of Belgian singer Natasha Atlas, Mon Amie la Rose, combines poetic French lyrics with Arabic music.

Fanveil Dance

Svitlana has been performing on stage for over three years now. She is one of the leading dancers of EDS Performance Team.. This dance is.Svitlana's interpretation of the choreography by Tanna Valentine.

Invocation of the Sorceresses

Bijoux (aka The Bedouin Dance Co.) is the culmination of a 10-year dance union of Director, Heidi Marie, and troupe members: Alissa Edwards and Anne-Marie McNaughton. ‎Bijoux allows them to expand the horizons and influence their dance without artistic limitations. The dance is a modern fusion piece depicting the invoking of a powerful spell to free people from suffering and sorrow. It's to empower the disenfranchised against those who would keep them enslaved.


Azerbaijan Heritage Dance Academy successfully represents multicultural heritage, voice and traditions of Azerbaijan in Alberta and beyond. This folk dance originating among the Lezgian people of the Caucasus, imitates the eagle’s flight symbolizing strength.

Only God Knows

This fanveil choreography of Galina is inspired by a same-name song of Amir Diab. Catchy music and colorful veil movements make this dance absolute favorite of our Teen Group. Dancers: Diana, Megan, Hailey, Vivian, Blair.

Pot Dance

Eighth Wonder Belly Dance Studio was founded in 2007 by Christy Greene. Eighth Wonder Dance Troupe performs a variety of dances at events around Alberta. Tonight the troupe presents The Pot Dance from Bal Anat; the longest running belly dance show in the world. Bal Anat means Dance of the Mother Goddess and was started by Jamila Salimpour in 1968, in Northern California.

Sword Dance

Being in Belly Dancing since 2007, Tummy has joined Eastern Dance Studio in 2013 when she moved to Calgary from Toronto. She brought to the performance team her enthusiasm, dedication, and a significant stage experience. Tonight Tammy is performing her own first choreography she ever wrote back in 2009. She has evolved it to include a sword - her first attempt at balancing! Let’s put our hands together for this brave lady!

Act Two


This dance of Performance Team will take you under the sea, into the world full of fairy mermaids. Each of them dreams about becoming a human being if only for an hour. Dancers: Choreography: Galina Busova.

Folk dance with Cymbals

Cymbals were originally used in rituals as sacred communication with Goddess Cybele (the Great Mother), after whom they were named. Our Teen group dancers are doing their first steps into the world of Cybele. Music: DJMosavo (Desert Passage: Drum Roots). Choreography: Galina Busova

Indian Classical Dance

Amala has been dancing since she was 7 years old and learnt Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi - the three classical dance forms in India. She is still experimenting different styles and blends of classical forms. She has been teaching classical and cinematic dance in her Nrithya School of Dance for 2 years. Her students have won the first prize in Calgary Bharatikalaimandram competition during the year 2015 in the fusion dance category.


Established in 2012 under the artistic direction of Minya, Jumping Camel Belly Dance offers classes in various belly dance styles in Calgary’s mid-south. Some “Camels” dance for the simple joy of it, others for fitness or for the sense of accomplishment, but we all dance for the simple excuse of being able to buy more shiny things! Tonight the troupe is performing a ghawazee-style piece to "Circle" by Solace, a story about the ladies of a community coming together to support each other and dance and not work, because dancing is better!


This is one of our most favorite dances! In this choreography to the song of Russian folk-rock singer Pelageya, the movements of Russian Folk Dance are mixed with Tribal Fusion Bellydance. The dance is now a part of Vizard Show! And yes! These incredible headpieces were created by Olga Sem!

Oriental Dance

Nazirah Belly Dance is a professional Middle Eastern dance company based out of Calgary, AB Canada. Sakinah has been performing and teaching since 2004 at various festivals, restaurants, & exclusive events around Alberta. NBD is dedicated to creating fresh & energetic works, through a fusion of modern & traditional Middle Eastern dance. Tonight Nazirah Belly Dances performance troupe Zariifah is pleased to debut a new upbeat choreography.

Cane Dance

Daughters of the Nile was founded in 2003 by the group’s Artistic director Amarna. Tonight they will perform a spunky Raks Assaya (cane) choreography by Amarna to Ya Halowlow Ya Helwa.

Egyptian Drummer

This dynamic choreography was inspired by the famous Egyptian drummer Hossam Ramzy whose voice will guide you through the basics of Arabic rhythms. Music: Rlp Feat Hossam Razmy. Choreography: Galina Busova.

Vizard Show Promo

EDS and Galina as a choreographer are proud to be involved in the Vizard Show, a dramatic and colourful theatrical spectacle in the best traditions of the Carnival of Venice. We invite you to the magic word of masks, fairy images, music and dancing. Bring you family to join Joker in the epic journey – who’s trying to gain control over the most powerful magical artifact in the world.