What is unique about our classes

What makes us unique, how we are meeting your needs, why our classes comfortable and enjoyable.

  • We do not compare, evaluate or compete
  • We dance and share in a circle to create an atmosphere of trust, support, and sisterhood in the group
  • We often dance without mirrors to encourage our dancers to develop the sense of inner mirror, increase body awareness and draw all the attention to the healing process of dancing
  • We use a unique sequence of exercises during the class to make most beneficial for the body
  • We learn breathing and relaxation technique techniques
  • We explore the symbolism, history, and spirituality of belly dancing
  • We use different ways of self-discovery and self-expression: such as meditation, visual arts, and dance-movement therapy
  • We get together into women's circles to share our life-experiences, insights and spiritual growth
  • We learn how to include pelvic floor muscles into our dance
  • We encourage all our students to discover there own unique style of dancing and to create their own choreographies.