Music for choreographies

Here you can get the music for many the choreographies that we are learning.

Desert of Roses

download 01-desert_of_roses.mp3

Drum Solo

download 02-drum_solo.mp3

Look and Watch

download 03-Look_and_Watch.mp3

Indian Summer

download 04-indian_summer.mp3

Emerald Forest

download 05-emerald_forest.mp3

Flying Silk

download 06-flying_silk.mp3

Pelageya Siberian Drive (short)

download 07-pelageya_siberian_drive_short.mp3


download 08-Hilya.mp3

Fire Dance

download 09-fire_dance.mp3

Up All Night

download 10-up_all_night.mp3


download 11-Ya-gazali_3-45.mp3


download 12-shahrazada.mp3

Shahrazada (long)

download 13-Shahrazad_long.mp3

Sultan (sultan_3min.mp3)

download sultan_3min.mp3

Sultan (14Level2_sultan_3min.mp3)

download 14level2_sultan_3min.mp3

Egyptian Drummer

download Egyptian_drummer_4-20.mp3