Galina - owner, choreographer, instructor and dancer

Galina nature 100x150Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Galina began her way the world of art through music. From 4 years old and till 16, she attended the School of Choral Art with the profound studying of piano, vocal, theory of music, drama, and choral art. Being surrounded by classical, folkloric, and modern music since young age, Galina has developed a life-long deep love and understanding of music and rhythm which later led her to world of Arabic music.

After completing her Degree in Engineering at Moscow Power Engineering Institute and having two sons, in 1999, Galina discovered her passion, belly dancing, and became fully immerged into this ancient art. At the beginning of her exploration of the world of belly dancing, Galina was approaching this dance from the prospective of self-knowledge and connection to the feminine.

certificate core connexion facilitator 200x155

Under the mentorship of her first and dearest teacher Inna Pogodina, she was studying belly dancing as a meditative and healing practice. In that school Middle-Eastern Dance was honored as sacred spiritually-oriented ritual. The seeds planted that time has grown, and now nourishing and feeding all the parts of Galina's work. For more than 15 years she has been studying various styles and aspects of belly dancing, and the potency of this dance to help women connecting to their full feminine essence has always being the main motivation and inspiration of Galina's teaching and artistic exploration.

To expand her understanding of dance and movement, Galina has been exploring many different modalities and practices, such as shamanic studies, Holotropic Breathwork, yoga, meditation, dance-movement therapy, 3-in-1 concept of kinesiology, somatic work, and more.

Being a Certified Facilitator of Core Connexion Transformational Arts® Galina approaches belly dancing from the point of body-awareness and self-exploration. She includes the elements of Core Connexion into her classes helping students to increase the repertoire of movements and emotions, improve their improvising ability, and activate creativity and self-healing forces.

certificate suhaila salimpour level one 200x155certificate jamila salimpour level one 200x155In the sphere of Belly Dancing Galina has taken inspiration and influence from a number of dancers from around the world, ranging from the Egyptian Style to Tribal she has trained and taken workshops with greats such as Suhaila Salimpour, Mira Betz, Natalia Fadda. Galina has completed Suhaila Salimpour Level 1 (SSBD 1), and Jamila Level1 Certification Training in 2012-13, and now working towards Level 2 in Suhaila's and Jamila's format.

Galina is currently teaching weekly beginner, intermediate and advanced belly dancing classes, as well as special classes for Teens and Moms & Babies in Calgary at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Canyon Meadows Shopping Centre and Varsity Community Centre, and has been performing professionally at restaurants, Christmas/New Years parties, weddings, bridal showers, awards shows, birthday parties, fundraising and corporate events, folkloric and multicultural festivals, and more in Calgary and around Alberta since 2006.

certificate gaiatri yoga 200 148x200As a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) from Gayatri Yoga School, Galina incorporates elements of yoga training into her dance lessons for a more well-balanced and body-educated practice. She is also available for regular yoga classes in public, private and semi-private settings.

Galina's unique and eclectic dance style, serpentine fluidity and gracefulness, as well as her elegant and joyful stage presence, make her a highly sought after performer, instructor and choreographer.