Belly dancing for Teenagers - class description

logo teenagers belly dancing classTeenagers LOVE this dance! They enjoy dynamic choreographies, sparkly costumes, cool movements, and catchy music. Belly Dancing class is not only fun and enjoyable. This class offers lots of important benefits to teenage girls.

It's fun to learn how to do things your friends can't do, such as balance a glass of water on your head or roll your abdominal muscles. It's fun to dress up in the wonderful costumes that belly dancers use. And, it's just plain fun to DANCE.

Exercise Benefits.

Belly dance is a form of exercise, and exercise is very healthy for the human body. Exercise promotes strong muscles, flexibility, and strong cardio-vascular health. It also releases endorphins into the brain, which generate a feeling of well-being. Done regularly, exercise helps prevent obesity. 

Mental Well-Being.

Girls in American society, more than boys, are beaten from an early age into being dissatisfied with themselves: their bodies, their faces, etc. Girls, more than boys, are surrounded by magazine articles and advertisements that promote use of make-up, bust enlargement techniques, ever-changing fashions, hair color, and diet plans. The point of the constant barrage of ads is to make girls so dissatisfied with their current appearance that they'll go out and purchase these products to "fix" their problems. Belly dancing provides a girl with an environment that teaches appreciation for her own body, whatever it may look like. It offers her a way to feel beautiful without dieting herself to malnutrition or enriching big corporations with her spending money. 

Social Opportunities.

Dance offers a girl another group of people to meet, outside the usual settings of school. A girl who feels shy and awkward in school may find that dance class provides a more comfortable place to meet people and make friends. In addition, Belly Dance will get teens off their iPhones encouraging physical fitness, social skill development and friendship building!

Cultural Awareness.

Learning a dance from another country can bring new life to how she thinks about that culture. Instead of thinking about boring history books, terrorists, oil profits, or wars when she hears a country mentioned, she'll think of its music, clothing, and folk traditions.

Public Appearance.

In the adult world, people who are skilled at public speaking have many great job opportunities open to them. Learning how to be comfortable in front of an audience as a child will equip a girl with a valuable job skill for her future. Our Teen Group is a regular participant of various festivals and multicultural events of the city.

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