Ebru: Painting on Water Master Class

 Express yourself through Painting on Water

Begin this academic year with a unique experience! Discover an Ancient Art originated from China and preserved and flourished in Turkey.


3-day Workshop-Retreat "Back to Balance"

September 8-10, 2017
Quantum Leaps Lodge, Golden, BC

Join experienced and passionate teachers and leaders Galina Busova, Anna Ivanova for a grounding and revitalising three-day feminine retreat in Golden, BC.

Take a break from the ordinary and experience the peacefulness and harmony of Quantum Leaps Retreat Centre. Situated in the middle of the forest on a private river bank, this centre is the perfect location to restore balance and perspective in your life. 

The program will include free movement dance practice, painting on water (ebru) balancing sessions, creative craft activities, energizing yoga flows, grounding meditations, and connecting group .