Eskandarany is a folkloric Egyptian Dance that in originated from Alexandria, a beautiful and the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic centre on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea it is a popular tourist destination. Eskandarany means a lady from Alexandria ( Eskendereyya in Egyptian Arabic). The ladies living on the coast of a warm sea and under the generous Sun of Egypt are apparently happy, beautiful and free ( or , at least, lets hope so)))

Therefore, the dance is very happy, playful and flirty.

"Eskandarany" choreography rehearsal - combos 3 and 4

Video of combos 3 and 4 of choreography "Eskandarany" from October 10th 2018


"Eskandarany" choreography rehearsal - combos 5 and 6

Video of combos 5 and 6 of choreography "Eskandarany" from November 1st 2018


"Eskandarany" choreography rehearsal - combo 1

Video of combo 1 of choreography "Eskandarany" from October 4th 2018