Belly Dancing for Teens and Kids

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Class Description for Kids Creative Dancing

logo teenagers belly dancing class This unique class for the girls of 5 - 8 years old combines the elements of yoga, expressive dance, pantomime, classical dance and belly dancing.

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 In this class we are taking first curious and careful steps into the world of Dance and Movement.
We let the dance speak to the kids the language that they understand right away. We are telling stories. Each story takes us to a Tropical Forest, Frostie meadow, Starry sky, or Princess's Castle, and we start to
 dance like princesses, fairies, birds and butterflies, snowflakes and little stars.

First class is free! 


Belly dancing for Teenagers - class description

logo teenagers belly dancing classTeenagers LOVE this dance! They enjoy dynamic choreographies, sparkly costumes, cool movements, and catchy music. Belly Dancing class is not only fun and enjoyable. This class offers lots of important benefits to teenage girls.

It's fun to learn how to do things your friends can't do, such as balance a glass of water on your head or roll your abdominal muscles. It's fun to dress up in the wonderful costumes that belly dancers use. And, it's just plain fun to DANCE.